Early 20th century rough-and-tumble Omaha: business was booming in this massive factory at the corner of 13th and Cass Streets, pumping out quality mattresses for the fast-growing local population. But before long, times changed, and the factory closed its doors. The city developed westward, and North Downtown went mostly dark.

Fast forward to 2007, when a group of Omaha enthusiasts came upon this majestic block of bricks and decided to make something awesome out of it. After months of painstaking renovations including a major effort to maintain the building’s original character, the Old Mattress Factory Bar & Grill opened up in November of that year.

Since that day, we’ve proudly hosted thousands of special occasions. We’ve laughed along with you at your family reunions, we’ve cried happy tears at your weddings, we’ve high-fived when our teams won. We’ve watched this neighborhood grow, hosting the famed College World Series Baseball Village each year since 2010 right in our backyard. And we have our friends and fans from near and far to thank for all of that.

For a satisfying lunch, a place to watch the game, a special party, and everything in between, The Matt is and always will be your place for good times. Come say hello!